Overview of the Area

Areas of Interest to Fishermen.

Denison Dam is located on the Red River along the Texas-Oklahoma border. It is a source of hydroelectric power, provides for flood control, and impounds Lake Texoma. It also provides fishermen ease of access to the Red River and the dam's tailrace.

Here is a summary of a Fisherman's view of the area from the Texas-side for your reference.

  1. Parking Area - The parking area overlooks the river and the tailrace on the Texas-side. An ample amount of parking is normally available, but it does get crowded in the Summer months. Plan trips accordingly.

  2. Stairwells - Four stairwells provide for access to the Red River from the parking area. They also provide good reference points for marking deep holes and structure where the fish frequent.

  3. Camping Area - The Corps of Engineers operates a seasonal campground. For more details, checkout Denison Dam Camping.

  4. "The Wall" - Near the generating station is an area that is open to fishermen. Special methods apply when fishing the "Wall" considering the strong current flow when the generators are operating and the distance to the waterline which exceeds 100' in places.

  5. "The Bait House" - A bait house was once located along the Red River until a flood swept it away. The foundation is all that remains and serves as another point of reference for marking deep holes and structure.

  6. "Warning Cable to Shawnee Creek" - Fishermen with a Texas Freshwater License can legally fish from the bank in this area. Wading the river will require an Oklahoma Fishing License! See details in the Regulations section below.

Parking Area and Stairwells

Picture of the parking area and, just barely visible, two of the stairwells that lead to the Red River.

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"The Wall"

Picture of "The Wall" and the generating station. To the North are the flood control gates. Take note of the waterflow and the potential hot spots. Also parking is available but will fill up quickly.

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Note: If you have never fished the area, best advice is to watch and learn from the veterans fishing "The Wall". And, whatever you do, do not bottom fish a bait rig in the heavy current. It will result in a tangle with other fishermen.

Warning Cable to Shawnee Creek

Illustration to show the area between the Warning Cable and Shawnee Creek. The Warning Cable can easily be identified as it runs across the Red River between Texas and Oklahoma. Shawnee Creek marks the location where an Oklahoma Fishing Licence is required to fish the Red River regardless if fishing from the bank.

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Note: Wading is not allowed between the cable and the dam.
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